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Blackheath Demolition & Trading

Slate conservatory floor. Just come in is this slate which is ideal for that conservatory floor as in this picture, or for your hearth to compliment your fireplace or maybe as a kitchen or hall way floor. At the moment we have two varieties although we hope to increase variety in the future. 




Brazilian Tiles. This is the Brazilian "Rio Ferrada" slate which is a very durable and has a low porosity. It is brown and grey in colour though has a large amount of rust in it which gives it a very attractive appearance which will not fade.





Cumbrian Slate. This is the Black Brathay slate that is quarried in Cumbria and only has 15 years left until it runs out (not long considering how many years it took to create). Black in colour, it has the occasional gold speckle and is a very dense and durable slate.





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