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Blackheath Demolition & Trading

Board in the before and after stage. We have recently (eventually, to those that know us!) set up our planer/thicknesser which enables us to give the old boards we reclaim a whole new lease of life. We can either plane boards that you have purchased from ourselves or even bring us your own board and we will see if we can plane those for you, all at a very reasonable rate.





close up of floorboard in the before and after stages. This is just an example of the type of results we can get with just a couple of runs through the machine, quite a difference I'm sure you'll agree, ideal for cleaning up that old floor and bringing back out the natural colour. We can get anything up to 16" wide through the machine.





Door in the process of being made. Our new saw also enables us to do a lot more to the timbers. Floorboard can be edged, timbers cut down to size, things like doors are now much easier for us to make you, just bring down your sizes.





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